Today, on DESIGNED daily | 10 Ways To Kill Your Houseplant, The Art Of Plant Watering, 8 Best Self-Watering Planters & Much More!

Top 10 Ways To Successfully Kill Your Houseplant

Top 10 Ways To Successfully Kill Your Houseplant

The Art Of Watering | Or: How NOT To Kill Your Houseplant

The Art Of Watering | Or: How NOT To Kill Your Houseplant

8 Best Self-Watering Planters For The (Black-Thumbed ;-) Design Lover - Thx, @TreeHugger!

8 Best Self-Watering Planters For The (Black-Thumbed ;-) Design Lover - Thx, @TreeHugger!

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5 Tips - How To Make The Color Gray Last Another 10+ Years In Your Home

So, let’s say you’re a little late to gray party, you might even still be on the fence. The last thing you want to do is go gray and then have the trend pendulum swing another direction. If you make the jump to gray, how do make sure it will last another 10+ years?

Amanda Gates and I covered a lot of tips and recs in our teleconference this past week, and although I mentioned some in my previous post, I have still more to share today.

How To Go Gray When Your Entire House Is Beige (Part 3)

Gray has slowly come to us, here in the suburbs, and I have to say, it’s one of my most frequently asked questions. Clients want to go gray, but don’t really want to paint every wall, ceiling, or piece of yellowish moulding and cabinet in their house. I can understand that, it gets expensive.

Add in the fact that you might have shutters the same color as your moulding, AND that your switches and outlets may not be white either because they were chosen to work with a more yellowed tonality, and you’ve got a pricey investment.

Check out two of my tips for dealing with this design dilemma by clicking through.

Designed Q and A: What can I do with this long wall?

I recently did an online consultation for a homeowner who was frustrated with her view of this long wall from the kitchen. She felt like it looked very hodge podge and wanted to see how she could pull it together. 

Click through to find out what I advised her to do.

Add Mouldings To Bring Some Drama, But Be Careful!

Most of the time, I’m a little anti-moulding around here. The reason why is because builders tend to add mouldings just to impress buyers and oftentimes in this area, they’ll add them to Mediterranean or Tuscan style houses and just about any suburban home without considering transitions or appropriate style.

Read on to see some examples.

Update Your Tuscan Style Home With Tips From A Popular California Restaurant

How is it that Californians have this style update for a Mediterranean house right and we Texans don’t?

We have a proliferation of “Texas Tuscan” style around here in the suburbs of Houston. Find out how YOU can update the Mediterranean look in your home.

Bedrooms - Change out the wood headboard for a softer, more luxurious look

One of my favorite suggestions for clients wanting to redo their bedrooms, is to do an upholstered headboard or bed. Check out some we've done for projects and some that you can shop for online yourself.