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Design Plan For A 5 x 10 Standard Bathroom Remodel

Do YOU have a 5' x 10' standard bathroom you'd like to remodel at some point? You might want to check out some of these simple and straightforward ideas to get it done fast.

My Clients Are Up To Their Eyeballs In Remodeling Sawdust

We're under some construction on a few projects and I just wanted to share a few in-progress shots of what is going on behind the scenes.

MUST SEE - This Fabulous Los Angeles Home Furnishings Shop Is An Interior Design Lover's Dream!

Oh my, what a treat! I'm going to shut up here (well, a little bit) and let you just oggle this most unusual mix of vintage and new, colorful and neutral, prints and textures, natural wood and painted. 

Peter Dunham is a true mix-master and we all loved his casual, California look!

Designed In A Click Email Consultation Advice

I'm sharing a few projects and sketches that we are working on now. I've got some Designed in a Click consultation responses and some sneak peeks at some of the progress being made in a few of our full service jobs. Take a peek.....

Let Window Treatments Hide Architectural Flaws And Cover The Top of Short Windows

Do YOU have some awkward looking windows you'd love to change out? Maybe they are too small or don't line up with others on the same wall? Maybe you DON'T have to change them out, maybe you can use these design tricks to mask their not-so-desirable features?