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BEFORE AND AFTER - An Ordinary Kitchen Gets A Modern Remodel

Although this kitchen was previously white, it now has a fresher, more modern look because of so many details and tactics that we employed here.

We also did a little rearranging and made the space more useful by doing a few updates that I'm doing in many of my kitchen remodels these days.   Take a look...

The House That Pinterest Built - Well, This Should Be Pinteresting!

I'm talking about Diane Keaton's new book, The House That Pinterest Built today. I really wish I HAD the book, but alas, it is sold out on Amazon. All I can do is read the reviews AND look at the few images available online, these from Architectural Digest.

Christmas Holiday Decor And Fun - I'm Linksharing Today!

I've got some fun Christmas decor links to share today, from the best way to get a full look on a flocked tree to a fun Pinterest account that you just have to see.  

Which Kitchen Countertops To Choose When You Can't Redo Them All

I recently did a local design consultation with a homeowner who had large kitchen that they wanted to update. They had just moved into their home and had a lot to do to furnish and make this home their own.

Does this sound familiar? If so, read on to see how I advised them with their partial remodel.

A Troubling Kitchen Hood Wall Elevation - Q & A Advice For A Reader

A reader recently emailed me photos of her kitchen remodel in progress and she was stumped with what to do with the hood wall elevation. Appliances were purchased, demo had been done, they were about to meet with the cabinetmaker and didn't know how to lay out the wall where the range and hood were planned to go.