Today, on DESIGNED daily | The Rise Of The Backyard Office, 14 Stylish (& Comfortable) Desk Chairs, Work @ Home Survival Tips & Much More!

 The Rise Of The Backyard Office

The Rise Of The Backyard Office

 14 Stylish (And Comfortable) Desk Chairs

14 Stylish (And Comfortable) Desk Chairs

 How To Work From Home Without Going Insane

How To Work From Home Without Going Insane

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MUST HAVE Outdoor Furnishings For Your Summer Entertaining

I've been doing some sourcing of outdoor furnishings on the internet recently and found something I think you might want to see. Click through to see an $11,000 outdoor table!

A House Perched On A Hill And A Cute Spanish Style Home - California Home Tours Part 2

I'm sharing some pics of two more of the cool houses we toured in LA during Dwell on Design's Home Tours. I have to say, Californians have this indoor/outdoor living thing down, beautifully.

REMODELING TIPS: Moving Appliance And Plumbing Locations In A Remodel Project Adds Cost

I’m sharing a valuable remodeling tip today in honor of May being National Home Improvement Month. :-) If you are thinking of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in the near future, you might want to read this before you dream too big…..

A New Way To Shop For Furnishings And Art At Casa Perfect - On The LA Design Trail

Lunch in a home that Elvis once lived in, filled with exquisite art, furnishings and lighting, was one of the fascinating treats we experienced on the LA Design Trail tour last month.  Come see my pics of this beautiful place, filled with so much design goodness….

How A Simple Kitchen Island Countertop Change Can Totally Update A Kitchen

I'm sharing one of my Designed in a Click consultations today where the kitchen island countertop change made all the difference in the world!