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Kitchen And Bath Trends At KBIS 2017 - Sinks And Faucets

I've got some super cool products to share with you after my trip to KBIS 2017 last week. This post is all about trends I'm seeing in sinks and faucets. Come and take a peek at some products you might want to consider for YOUR new kitchen or bath.

Decorating Above The Cabinets | Getting It Right!

Check out this masculine home office where the finishing touches required some decorating above the cabinets.

Gasp! That's right. I'm decorating above the cabinets.

KBIS2017, The Kitchen And Bath Industry's Extravaganza! Here's how to follow along...

This has to be the most photographed product from KBIS last year. It was all over Instagram during and after the show. What will be the "it" product to capture this year? Next week!!!

Get Organized In 2017! - Organization Tools For Your Interior Design Projects

This time next year, do you want to have some amazing before and after shots of your home? Click through for some tools to help get your projects organized and started for the new year.

Mama needs a new tv / entertainment center

I was looking at some of my images of my Christmas decor, taken with my new camera, and I think I saw the next project in my own house. Do you see it?