It's PERFECT! | An 'It's Complicated' kitchen tour

There are people out there who day-dream of touring the Sex and the City film locations, because they want to experience the places where their favorite fictional friends ate and went on dates.

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In their imaginary scenario, they'd arrive at Carrie's go-to coffee shop, sit down at her favorite table and hover their fingers over an imaginary laptop, as if the deadline for their new dating advice column was quickly approaching.

In this moment, life would suddenly feel oh-so dreamy and perfect.

But then, suddenly, just as they'd start to really submerge themselves into Carrie's role, they'd snap back to reality. The tour guide would say "it's time to move along to the next stop," and their momentary glimpse into what a life produced by movie magic would be like would be gone before having a chance to fully soak in the experience.

This, too, is my dream, however with two exceptions:

  1. My dream is set in a Hollywood kitchen - the It's Complicated kitchen, to be exact.
  2. As an interior designer, I'm capable of bringing this dream home . . . and I will . . . soon.

I'll be bringing an It's Complicated-inspired kitchen into the lives of a young, married client-couple of mine. And the design plan for this project will be revealed tomorrow! I can't wait for you to see it ;-)

In the meantime, I want to share with you the best online tour I've found of the famous It's Complicated kitchen. It was produced by, is very comprehensive, and I promise you'll get sucked in and soak in every pretty pixel of it.


It's Complicated: A Movie House Tour

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