As with all good design, you need to start off envisioning the person(s) who will inhabit the space you are designing.

What are their needs?

What do they like?

What thoughtful design touches will make their life better when they use this space?

What's the person we're designing for today like?  Well...

...This one is a fireball. 

She has an incredible amount of energy. 

The girl just never stops!

She’s full of life, glamour, brightness. She's a little in love with design and a lot in love with style. She’s running her own business out of her home and needs a sweet little space that will make her smile in the mornings - you know, after two cups of coffee and some yoga.

With two kids, a household, and a business to run, she doesn’t have time to shop - well, except maybe for shoes :-)

But when it comes to shopping for furniture and decor for a home office that reflects her personality and helps her be more efficient... Nope, she doesn't have time to do it all.

This girl needs some help. And that's exactly what I'm going to give her with this beautiful home office design plan... 

Color | Meander Blue
Sherwin Williams

Let's start with some color! 

For this home office, I think most of the furniture should be white, bright and crisp, with some pattern thrown in the mix. I also think the walls should have an amazing, beautiful color, such as: Meander Blue.

Soft, yet sophisticated, and not too bright or juvenile looking, turquoise will make her smile in the morning - oh, and it's so on-trend right now! Depending on how she's feeling, she can accent it with bright fuschia or bold citrine.

Okay, so we’ve got the backdrop. Now let's pick out some white lacquer furniture to gleam off those walls!

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This sweet little desk chair -- in white, of course -- says:

I’m all business and glamour!

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The perfect table desk in white with an X base.

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A chandy, because we need a little sparkle. But not overdone or typical; it has to be tasteful and subtle, because this girl is a class act. 

This trendy, graphic rug will add some gorgeous black and white pattern. IMO, this rug just totally makes the room!

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Now we need some storage and bookcases for family photos and personal treasures. This is one is divine! Isn’t this perfect for her!

For a less expensive option, let’s try this tried and true option. After all, a white bookcase is always a great backdrop for loveliness. Oh, and you can never go wrong with Expedit. :-)

Okay, here we go: Uber functional, chic, and white - it's perfect. We’ll do three of these for a bank of white cabinetry along the back wall. 

Here's a gold framed cork board to bring some warmth and gilding to the space. And what busy entrepreneur and mom doesn’t need a tackboard for her inspirations, notes, and schedules?

Now for the lamps: These will flank each side of the framed cork board, and the turquoise will add a perfect amount of punch and curvy femininity to the space. And that black lampshade compliments  the rug so well, providing the dynamic impact this room needs.


Some rich turquoise leather in a modern wingback for guests or an occasional break. It just really befits the CEO of an empire, doesn’t it!

Here’s a slick little table she can move around the house if she needs to. The black will go with everything! (Especially her rug and lamps!)

We couldn’t call this a "trendy glam room" without something a little exotic, could we?  How about this gold Moroccan pouf to tuck under the desk for a little shimmer, or for her feet when sitting in the turquoise chair on on a long, important phone call.  Poufs are so nice for kids too!  

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Here's a gorgeous floor lamp, in a gilded finish, to touch upon that gilding at the corkboard, and the chandy too. Yes, things around the room are communicating to each other. We’re creating a visual balance.

Woven Wood Shade
The Shade Store

Some white woven shades for a little texture.

Dupioni Silk Drape

And some warm, gold, silk curtains to complete the room. That warm irridescent color ties in to the gold touches and contrasts nicely with the wall color.


A drapery rod in a dark finish with a crystal finial provides just the right finishing touch.

Make sure you get the right number of brackets to fit your window. See each item's specifications for details.

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Crystal Square Finials
Restoration Hardware
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Estate Extension Rod
Restoration Hardware

We’ve got some great accessories selected below for you to fill out the rest of the space. Or you can find your own. This is all about being flexible, so go ahead and do your thing!

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Ming Boxes
Z Gallerie
Ceramic Bird
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  Click for more info ;-)

Click for more info ;-)

The girls at my studio just LOVE this room.

They’re all ready to design it for themselves. Send us a pic when you get yours done. They’ll be so jealous!

Check back next Friday, alright. We’re doing the same space, but in a different style. Think Mad Men meets the Dos Equis guy :-)

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Ceramic Books
Z Gallerie

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I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions about your design plan!